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Homework Bar Soap

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Homework soaps are formulated with a base of olive, coconut, sweet almond and castor oils, with cocoa and shea butters for a nourishing, ultra-moisturising clean. They are made from 100% natural botanical ingredients and essential oils.  They are vegan and cruelty free, contain no palm oil, artificial fragrances or colourants and no parabens or SLS. 


Poppy Seed - a natural, non abrasive exfoliating bar. Leaving your skin feeling refreshed and soft. Enriched with an uplifting, rejuvenating blend of petitgrain, coriander and pink grapefruit essential oils.

Pink Clay - for gently drawing out impurities without drying the skin. It can also help remove dead skin cells and improve elasticity, leaving the skin feel balanced and soft. A floral spicy blend of essential oils of rose geranium, lavender and cardamom.

Charcoal - to help detoxify and draw impurities from the skin, providing a deep gentle cleanse leaving the skin feeling clean and refreshed. A woody and smoky blend of Chinese cedarwood, coriander and patchouli essential oils which are known to have anti-inflammatory, healing and soothing properties.

Product Details

Suitable for all skin types. For use on hands, face and body.
Weight: 125g

Care Instructions

Keep dry when not in use with a draining soap dish.

About the brand

Stephanie Hannington-Suen founded Homework in 2019. Based in London, her brand is inspired in part by her upbringing surrounded by Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as utilising her design experience and understanding of the healing power of nature.

Stephanie founded Homework as a way to pay homage to her parents and everything she had learned from them. Applying a modern approach to ancient Chinese philosophies, Homework creates a range of natural skincare and toxin free home fragrances.

Homework formulate and manufacture all of their products in small batches in their studio in South East London. Thoughtfully packaged in either recycled card or steel tins made using solar energy, Stephanie ensures the balance between creating beautiful products and protecting the planet is always prioritised.

“We’d like to change the way people shop and to reduce over consumption. For people to make thoughtful conscious choices in what they purchase and to buy better but less.”