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  • Yrhes Hand Carved Walnut Wood Egg Cup
  • Yrhes Hand Carved Walnut Wood Egg Cup
  • Yrhes Hand Carved Walnut Wood Egg Cup
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Yrhes Hand Carved Walnut Wood Egg Cup

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Each egg cup is unique to its grain of wood with a sleek sculptural hourglass shape. Handmade in managed forestry Walnut wood.



Use plant based oils and waxes approved for kitchen use

Handmade in Belgrade, Serbia

Material - Managed forestry wood

Colour - Walnut



W: 4.5cm x H: 12cm 

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About the brand

Yrhes was founded in summer 2020 by husband and wife creative duo Tamara Šuškić & Uroš Kotlajić. Together they aim to create objects that affirm the beauty of a simple life.

Finding the joy in the slowness of working by hand, the pair collaborate and conceptualise each piece based on the natural properties of the wood they work with. The wood they use is from sustainably managed forestry in Serbia, where they live and work.

"It is a true joy to work with hand tools, to use your own hands on pieces that are shaped by your own ideas, and above all, to work with such warm, organic and wild material such as wood. Especially when you work in pair, and you share your thoughts and ideas during the process."