MIMMO Studios is Crowdfunding

MIMMO Studios is Crowdfunding

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Who are we? 

Hi, we’re Katie and Lil, and we are the co-founders of MIMMO Studios. We are two women in our twenties who are showing that there is a better way to do fashion retail and we're inviting you to become part of the retail revolution.

MIMMO Studios is a womenswear and homeware store based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. We’ve built our brand and our business from the inside out with design and sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

With a combined 25 years of retail experience at brands including Selfridges, Margaret Howell, Marc Jacobs and YMC, we’ve learned 'best practise' of the industry inside out - and now we’re tearing up the rule book and starting again. 

What is the problem we are solving? 


We are driven by the knowledge that the fashion industry is fuelling the climate crisis, and we have created a new retail model with longevity, creativity and community at the heart of everything we do. We have shown that change is possible.

MIMMO Studios gives us the chance to prove that retail can be part of the solution to the climate crisis. 

How are we doing that?


Timeless design means our products are made with love and made to last by craftspeople, artists and artisans. We pride ourselves on presenting the most beautiful items, which will last longer than a lifetime. 

Sustainability and timeless design go hand in hand. We aren’t driven by trends, and deliberately choose items which will never go ‘out of style’. We buy limited runs of stock, so there’s never anything going to waste, and we’re proud to work with brands who are innovating in the realm of sustainability - through materials, production techniques or ethos. 


We are advocates for supporting local businesses. We can avoid a huge amount of carbon output from keeping shipping local, and so don’t ship outside the UK. We like to encourage our would-be customers to find craftspeople local to them.

We don’t try to entice customers through sales, discounts or free shipping offers and we don’t believe in creating a false sense of scarcity. We’d much rather our customers shop with us because they’ve found something they truly value, and have made a conscious decision to buy. 

All our research makes it clear that one person can't be a movement, it takes a community to make change happen - (have a look at this video to see exactly what we mean) - This is exactly what we’re building at MIMMO Studios! 

The events we host are a way for us to cement all our values within the community. By hosting repair workshops, free clothes swaps, artist residencies, life drawing classes, supper clubs, coffee mornings, film screenings, talks and seminars. Our goal is to help others realise that solutions to the climate crisis are within reach.

Why do we need the money? 

We poured our life savings into MIMMO Studios just over a year ago. We successfuly built a website, opened a pop-up, launched our online store and began trading within three months. We have reinvested everything we made back into the business. 

Now that we’ve proven our idea works, we feel confident that scaling and growing our business is the right move. We’d use the funds we raise towards the following things:

  • Updating our second pop-up store (opening Summer 2022)
  • Investing in PR and marketing to grow our MIMMO Studios community 
  • Growing our events to be bigger, better and more inclusive 
  • Investing in tech to enable us to get our jobs done more effectively
  • Continuing to give a platform to, and support, emerging artists and designers 
  • The freedom to continue using MIMMO Studios as a model for change by participating in talks and workshops 
  • Exploring new and exciting ideas


What’s in it for you? 

If supporting our cause wasn’t enough, we’ve laid on a selection of tantalising rewards;

£20 or more - Raffle Ticket

Your contribution will not only help fund the MIMMO Studios mission to reinvent retail, you'll be in with the chance of winning a £100 voucher to spend online at mimmostudios.com. There will be one winner chosen at the end of our crowdfunding period. 

£50 or more - Party at MIMMO Studios

Any donation of £50 or over will get you free entry for you and a +1 to our exclusive MIMMO Studios launch night party, as well as a free drink each on arrival to the launch party. Your name will be added to the raffle for our £100 voucher.

£250 or more - Party and a Print

Any donation over £250 will entitle you to take your pick and take home one of our range of prints from mimmostudios.com, which includes artists Molly Bland and Maisie Pack. You’ll also get free entry for you and a +1 to our exclusive launch night party, as well as a free drink each on arrival. Your name will be added to the raffle for our £100 voucher.

£750 or more - Exclusive MIMMO Membership

Donations of £750 or more mean you'll be signed up for MIMMO Membership for life, which includes perks such as priority access to events and limited edition products. This opportunity won't be available again for the foreseeable and we only have 25 places available. Of course, you’ll also get free entry for you and a +1 to our exclusive launch night party, as well as a free drink each on arrival. Your name will be added to the raffle for our £100 voucher.

£2,500 or more - Dinner with the Founders

Any donation over £2,500 - we’ll sit down for dinner and give you the chance to pick our brains about MIMMO Studios, and our vision for the future of retail. You'll receive exclusive MIMMO Membership for life, you’ll of course get free entry for you and a +1 to our exclusive launch night party, as well as a free drink each on arrival and your name will be added to the raffle for our £100 voucher.

If you’d like to know more about us, here are some useful links:

Our manifesto page 

Our ‘Reinventing Retail’ journal article

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You can always send us an email with any questions to hello@mimmostudios.com

Thank you! 

Katie and Lil, Co-Founders of MIMMO Studios


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