Welcome to MIMMO Studios.

We are Katie and Lil, co-founders of MIMMO Studios. We cherry-pick everything in store based on our core principles of timeless design and environmental innovation.

As a community, we are reimagining retail into something entirely new.

Who we are

Retail is broken ... let's mend it

We don't think anyone should have to choose between being sustainable or stylish; you can be both.

Design · Sustainability · Community · Slow Living

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Plastic Free Beauty

If you're looking to reduce plastic use in your home, take a look at our range of natural, organic and plastic free skincare.

We can proudly say each of our beauty bands' packaging is plastic free and ethically sourced.

Soft skin please

MIMMO Meets: Rose Arbuthnott

Just arrived at mimmostudios.com is a series of original works by Rose Arbuthnott. After meeting Rose in our pop-up last year, we are bursting with excitement to now be able to share her work at MIMMO Studios.

Rose has been kind enough to spend some time chatting to our good friend Lydia Tsiouvia about her work, life, inspirations and lots more. We hope you enjoy reading.

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Reinventing Retail

At MIMMO Studios, we always want to share what we are learning along our journey. If there’s one key lesson from the research we have been doing and the conversations we have had throughout our first nine months, it’s that we can’t solve the climate crisis alone.

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MIMMO Studios Store

Our pop-up store is now closed, but we will be back in Cheltenham with a permanent space in 2022.

Thanks to everyone who visited us at 19 Rotunda Terrace!