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In one welcoming space, MIMMO Studios offers a store, an espresso bar, event space and a gallery - a place that does it all.

Monday - Closed

Tuesday to Saturday 11am - 6pm

Sunday 11am - 3pm

6 & 7 Montpellier Walk, GL50 1SD

Retail is broken, let's mend it

Hi, we are Lil and Katie, co-founders of MIMMO Studios. We are two women who want to prove there is a better way of doing retail by creating a fairer and more equitable future. We are driven by the knowledge that the fashion industry is driving overconsumption and fuelling the climate crisis.

Using our twenty-five years combined experience to question industry 'best practice', we are tearing up the rule book and reinventing retail. We have created a new model which has longevity, creativity and community at the heart of everything we do.

Design · Sustainability · Community

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Welcome to MIMMO Studios.

We cherry-pick everything in store based on our core principles of timeless design and environmental innovation.

Founders Katie and Lil treat all visitors as their guests, the perfect spot for Cheltenham creative minds.

As a community, we are reimagining retail into something entirely new.

Who we are

Reinventing Retail

At MIMMO Studios, we always want to share what we are learning along our journey. If there’s one key lesson from the research we have been doing and the conversations we have had throughout our first nine months, it’s that we can’t solve the climate crisis alone.

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