Lil and Katie the founders of MIMMO Studios are two women in their twenties who want to prove there is a better way to do fashion retail. We are driven by the knowledge that the fashion industry is fuelling the climate crisis and over consumption. We intend to create a new model with longevity, creativity and community at the heart of everything we do as a demonstration that change is possible.

Traditional retail is broken: we want to provide alternative ways for our conscious consumer to get what they want without harming the planet. This takes the form of working with brands which are closed loop, using innovative and recycled materials with low waste and not mass-produced. We also want to help our customers make their products last longer by educating them on the shop floor and through workshops and seminars.

We hope as a result of this we can foster and grow a community of people who care about reducing their impact through fashion. We are a business that does not compromise on sustainability; it’s at the core of everything we do. Likewise, we don’t think customers should have to choose between being sustainable or stylish; they can be both.

Retail is trending towards online, but we think there’s a lot to be said for the bricks and mortar experience where customers can appreciate the quality and craftsmanship we promote in a tangible way, and we think it’s important that the space feels welcoming and unpretentious so that we can cater to customers from all walks of life.

What we do differently

Sometimes the decisions we make as a business don't seem to make much sense - but there's a good reason behind everything we do. MIMMO Studios is built around supporting local business and proving that a business can be viable in the modern age without having to endlessly chase growth. 

  • No discounts or sale / we don't want people to buy because of a false sense of scarcity, or because something is cheap. We want to encourage the conversation around thoughtful consumption. We also choose stock which is timeless in design and isn't led by trends, so we don't feel the need to 'get rid' of it after one season.

  • Limited runs of stock / we buy from small, super local suppliers who have limited capacity, so we buy small amounts at a time with the aim of selling out. This means our products are special, and don't end up in sale as we don't have anything left over.

  • No international shipping / we want people to shop within their local communities, and don't think international shipping is necessary because of the carbon emissions associated with it. If you like something we sell on the website, but don't live in the UK, we'd encourage you to find a craftsperson local to you who might sell something similar. 

  • No free shipping / we want people to consider what they are buying before they buy it, make sure it's the right size, or contact us if they have any questions. There's a lot of carbon output associated with returns. Plus we find this helps build relationships with customers as we can have real conversations with them about our pieces.