Photo by Andoni Beristain

Podcasts for Environmentalists and Activists

At MIMMO Studios, we love to celebrate those who are working hard in the world of environmental activism. We’ve pulled together a list of our most recent favourite podcasts for anyone looking to delve a little deeper into the world of environmentalism through new points of view.

  • Idealistically with Tolmeia Gregory 
  • ‘A podcast for imagining a better world’. Hosted by Tolly, we are encouraged to forget any preconceptions we might have about what’s possible, feasible or realistic, and really use our imagination to come up with solutions to the climate crisis. By always asking her guests thoughtful and thought-provoking questions, the Idealistically podcast leaves us feeling hopeful. 

  • Sustainably Influenced with Bianca Ffoley and Charlotte Williams
  • If you’re new to environmental activism, and want something accessible and easy, we really recommend Sustainably Influenced. Rather than bombarding with information, the hosts Bianca and Charlotte do a great job of making the podcast feel conversational. As business owners, we like that the content touches on a broad range of topics. 

  • Remember Who Made Them
  • Hosted by heavy hitters in the world of fair fashion; Venetia La Manna, Swatee Deepak, Devi Leiper O'Malley and Ruby Johnson. The Remember Who Made Them podcast is a six-part series delving into the dark side of fashion as a show of solidarity to those so often left voiceless in the supply chain. 

  • The YIKES Podcast with Mikaela Loach and Jo Becker
  • With infectious passion, Mikaela and Jo discuss topics surrounding environmentalism and the climate crisis with the most thoughtful and inclusive lens. Clearly made as a labour of love, the team are so well-informed and their perspectives so well-rounded, this really is a podcast for those seeking to understand new points of view within the realm of activism. Now in its fifth (!) season, the prolific podcasters are back with more, and we can’t wait to listen.

  • The Guardian Today in Focus & Science Weekly
  • Leading the way in the conversation around the climate crisis and the way it is reported on, the Guardian are at the forefront of making changes in the media. Uncovering and reporting on environmental stories backed by a roster of unrelenting investigative journalists, there’s always something to be learned from both these easy to digest Guardian podcasts.  

    Image by Antonio Beristain