What to see at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2023

What to see at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2023

Each year we've made a ritual of selecting our top picks for things to see at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival. We are so lucky to have such a broad range of talented musicians, from big names to under the radar Jazz musicians.

If you've managed to get tickets to any of these, we're looking forward to seeing you there!  

Gregory Porter

One of the most highly anticipated performers at this year's Cheltenham Jazz Festival is Gregory Porter. With his soulful voice and powerful stage presence, Porter is sure to captivate audiences with his unique blend of jazz, blues, and gospel music. Be sure to catch his performance to experience his incredible talent firsthand.

Ezra Collective

Ezra Collective is a British jazz group known for their dynamic live performances and innovative sound. Combining elements of jazz, Afrobeat, and hip hop, the group creates a unique and energetic musical experience that is not to be missed. Catch their set at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival for a truly unforgettable performance.

Fergus McCreadie

Fergus McCreadie is a Scottish pianist and composer who has been making waves in the jazz world in recent years. With his impressive technical skills and emotive playing style, McCreadie is a rising star in the jazz scene. Don't miss his performance at the festival to see why he's quickly becoming one of the most talked-about musicians in the genre.

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Julian Lage

Julian Lage is a virtuosic guitarist who has been hailed as one of the most talented musicians of his generation. With a style that blends elements of jazz, folk, and classical music, Lage's performances are always mesmerizing and inspiring.

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Binker Golding

Binker Golding is a London-based saxophonist who has quickly become one of the most in-demand musicians in the UK jazz scene. With a sound that draws from classic jazz influences as well as more contemporary styles, Golding's performances are always exciting and unpredictable. 

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Eliades Ochoa

Eliades Ochoa is a Cuban musician known for his mastery of the traditional Cuban guitar style known as "son." With his infectious rhythms and soulful playing, Ochoa's performances are a celebration of the rich musical heritage of Cuba.

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