What to see at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2024

What to see at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2024

Lil, co-founder of MIMMO Studios and resident Jazz aficionado has cherry-picked her top recommendations for what to experience at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2024. 

Whether you're new to the Jazz scene or a long time toe tapper, our list features both lesser-known artists and renowned figures in the jazz scene. 

Sultan Stevenson

Friday 3 May - 6.30pm

Packing a wealth of talent beyond his young years, Sultan’s debut album Faithful One earned him a Parliamentary Jazz Award for best newcomer of the year. 

Orchestra Baobab and Nubiyan Twist

Friday 3 May - 8pm

Orchestra Baobab is a Senegalese musical ensemble revered for their Afro-Latin jazz fusion, characterized by infectious rhythms and melodic richness, while Nubiyan Twist is a British collective celebrated for their eclectic blend of jazz, Afrobeat, and electronic music, delivering vibrant and energetic performances that defy genre boundaries.


Saturday 4 May - 12.30pm

Infusing traditional jazz with modern flair and soulful expression,  herise is an up-and-coming jazz pianist known for her dynamic performances. 

Allysha Joy

Saturday 4 May - 4pm

A rising Australian jazz vocalist and songwriter immediately recognisable by her emotive voice (and well-known as the lead vocalist of the 30/70 Collective), Allysha is famous for her meditative and raw soul-sound.

Fatoumata Diawara

Sunday 5 May - 2pm

Fatoumata Diawara is a mesmerising Malian vocalist and songwriter whose music fuses elements of jazz, blues, and traditional West African sounds. Combining music with storytelling, expect to be captivated. 

Courtney Pine

Sunday 5 May - 5.30pm

Courtney Pine is a pioneering British jazz saxophonist renowned for his fusion of traditional jazz with elements of reggae, funk, and hip-hop. This one will be popular for sure. 

Theo Croker

Sunday 5 May - 7.30pm  

Theo Croker is an innovative jazz trumpeter celebrated for his eclectic style, blending traditional jazz with contemporary influences to create a distinctive sound.

Gregory Porter

Monday 6 May - 8.30pm

Known for his rich, soulful voice and captivating stage presence, you'd have a lot of fun at this one. You can also read our interview with Gregory here. Discussing all aspects of his work and inspirations, it's a really delightful insight into the man behind the music.