Which is Your Love Language?

Which is Your Love Language?

The five love languages are ways of showing and receiving love: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch.

At MIMMO, we are all about community. Whether it’s a friend, a lover or a gift to yourself - we want to help you pick a gift which shows you care. 

We’ve put together a list of all the love languages and some thoughtful gifts to help you figure out which is the best fit for you and the person you love. 


Physical Touch

Kisses and cuddles • keeping close • holding hands


Bath Soak / Idan Oil

Spoil your loved one and activate the senses with a luxury bath. Our bath soaks smell and feel amazing - made from Himalayan Dead Sea and Epsom salts, packaged in a 100% recyclable tin. 

The LIHA Idan Oil is a natural, cold pressed coconut oil - soften it under hot water and take the time to enjoy the ritual of self care. 


Acts of Service

Tea in bed • helping out • making things a little easier


Joseph Blanket / Mug

Who doesn’t love a cup of tea in bed? Snuggle down with the AWL Joseph Blanket - a super soft Cashmere and Lambswool blend - made from deadstock yarn rescued from UK luxury mills. Knitted with two yarns at once to create the cosiest and warmets blanket you’ll come across. 

The Lily Pearmain Mug is a MIMMO favourite. Each mug is hand made by Lily in London and is just as unique as the person you love. Why not spring for a matching set for a feeling of togetherness? 


Gift of Giving 

Little gifts or big ones • Putting thought into gifts • Appreciating gestures


VaseRaven Dress

Little gifts can mean just as much as big ones. A posy of flowers or a bouquet of roses can be equally special. As Cheltenham locals, our favourite florist in town is Leaf & Blossom. They are the oldest flower shop in Cheltenham and are a wonderful local, independent business to support. For flowers, we love the Atlas Works Vase which is hand made using recycled glass. We love the unique shape and colour. 

For anyone wanting to knock their loved one’s socks off this Valentines Day, we recommend the Camilla Bloom Raven Dress. Knitted with 100% silk in Geranium Red, the Raven Dress both looks and feels amazing. Camilla’s attention to detail is unparalleled - making for a truly special and thoughtful gift which will last a lifetime. 


Words of Affirmation 

Complements • Leave a love note • Actively listen


Everyone loves Maisie’s Prints. Make yours a truly special gift on Valentine's day by leaving a secret love note on the back! 


Quality Time 

One on one time • undivided attention • creating special moments


Dining Candle PairCandle Holders

Nothing says ‘I fancy you’ like a home cooked meal. Set the scene with our lightly scented colourful and romantic candles from Wax Atelier. Handmade in London from 100% beeswax.  

Pop them in the Lily Pearmain Candle Holders and you’ve got a tablescape Ottolenghi would be proud of. Speaking of Ottolenghi, if you’re stuck for romantic dinner recipes, why not try his Crab on toast with lime, cumin and pickled samphire or Pappardelle with rose harissa, black olives and capers